The most important part of your wedding day.

February 20, 2019

The most important part of your wedding day.

I am encouraging you to stop, think about what is important, what will feel important in years to come.

Recently we shared Maybe At Dawn at a wedding fair in Sydney, it was fun and had such a beautiful energy but I couldn't help but noticed that there were alot of women and men that seemed somewhat overwhelmed by all the decisions there were to make and what things they needed to tick off a list. It got me thinking about what is the most important part of a wedding day and how do we remind people getting married of this.

My husband I got married 7 years ago, I remember caring about the details and wanting the day to be a reflection of who we were but I do not remember ever feeling like the details were of greater significance than the most important part of day - the marriage, the getting married part, the ceremony, the part where we said our vows and committed ourselves to our marriage.


That was her gift, she filled you with the words you didn’t know where there - Atticus


My husband and I knew we wanted a small intimate wedding so we looked at only a handful of venues that we thought could achieve that feel for us, I picked my dress in one afternoon shopping with my Mum and best friend, nailed the style after a few lazy nights on the couch with Pinterest, contacted the photographer I loved and booked her - no major stress just a bunch of fun. I am not suggesting this is the path for all couples, nor am I suggesting that you shouldn’t take your time planning the elements that are very important to you - we spent a lot of time choosing the food and wine our guests would have because that was important to us, we brainstormed ideas of how we could represent loved ones that had past because that was important to us.

The thing we spent the most time on - our vows. We didn’t follow a suggested set of words given to us by the celebrant, we sat and thought about the things we wanted to say to each other, the love we wanted to present to one another knowing that the words we used would be woven through the fabric of our marriage. Because that is the most important part  - the marriage you are about to enter into and what that means to you and your partner. Two beautiful people, in love, sharing that love with the people they love, then celebrating that love = Wedding. Weddings are a celebration of marriage, Husband and Wife, Wife and Wife or Husband and Husband - that is the true beauty of a wedding.


Even in the chaos - don’t forget to kiss - Tess Guinery


It is easy to get blown away by all the extras, explore those but do not worry about what everyone else is doing. I am encouraging you to stop, think about what is important, what will feel important in years to come. As I look at the set of stationery I created for our wedding and recall the taste of the wine I drunk that night while dancing with my closest friends and remember the vows we shared I am happy I spent time on the things that matter to us.

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