Married Musing Journal - Gemma + Anthony

February 10, 2020

Married Musing Journal - Gemma + Anthony

We would love to introduce to you Maybe At Dawn couple Gemma and Anthony. What immediately struck me about Gemma was how kind and thankful she was, she was so lovely to deal with and it always left me with such a warm feeling when she went out of her way to give extra thanks. She is a beautiful reminder of how kindness really does brighten up the day. 

Gemma and Anthony got married at my favourite hotel in Sydney, The Langham. We go there for every special occasion as the space is beautiful, has so many luxury touches and the staff are so kind - it made perfect sense that such a beautiful couple would celebrate their marriage in such a beautiful, special space.

I asked Gemma and Anthony what special touches they added to the day and my heart skipped a bit when Gemma replied "We had table numbers that meant things to us as a couple like years of birth, date of births, number of siblings, atomic number of the metal of our rings, latitude of Yellowknife where we got engaged under the Northern Lights etc. Our wonderful MC explained this throughout the night and people loved the concept and idea which just made it just that little bit more memorable and fun".

Gemma and Anthony choose Me & You in Ashen Grey + Rose Gold foil. Below is a little of their love story.

Maybe At Dawn

How and when did you meet?
Anthony and I met on a Contiki tour through the USA – from Dallas to Orlando via Nashville (we are both country music fans!) in January 2018

Tell us all about your recent wedding?
It was an excellent day, it went exactly like we wanted – Simple, elegant, fun and definitely a day to remember. We got to celebrate with our closest family and friends, with great food and great music! The ceremony was held at St Brigid’s Catholic Church in Millers Point, and the reception was at the Langham Hotel.

Maybe At Dawn

What did you enjoy most about planning the wedding?
We had the chance to really personalise the experience – from the choice of food to the choice of music, everything was an expression of us.

Gemma what is something you absolutely love about Anthony?
Anthony is one of the kindest and most considerate people I have ever met, and it doesn’t hurt that we share interests in music and sports.

Anthony tell us what you admire most about Gemma?
Her beautiful smile!! She is also kind, sincere, loving, fun to be around and always has a positive outlook on life.

Maybe At Dawn

Marriage is the real deal, the ultimate commitment, can you tell us what marriage means to you?
Being able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, having each other’s backs and having fun along the way!

If you could describe your new marriage in one word what would it be?

Maybe At Dawn

Gemma + Anthony's Dream Team 

The Langham Sydney

Alex Penton Artistry

Roseberry Cake Creations

DJ Dumplings

Willow and Bear

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