A Love Chronicle. Part One.

March 12, 2019

A Love Chronicle. Part One.

A couple of years ago I become disillusioned with watching and reading the news. I went from consuming all I could about what was going on in the world to being overwhelmed by the violence, negativity and hatred that seemingly washed across my TV screen and newspaper.

So I switched off, I have not watched the nightly news in at least a year and I go to alternative sources for my world events fix.

What I did learn was that when you remove the constant stream of negativity you notice the positivity far more easily, you unlearn looking for the worst case scenario and with practise, start to see more and more of what is good, pure and full of love.

To add more love, more playfulness and more feel good energy to the world, I give you A Love Chronicle - Part One. A small collection of things to make you smile, encourage you to seek the beautiful tales and focus on the kind.

A Love Story

Jack and Phyllis Potter met in 1941. Jack frequently wrote in his diary about their story and continued to do so for his whole life.

After seventy years together, Phyllis had to be moved to a nursing home as her dementia became too much for Jack to deal with alone. Unperturbed, Jack visited her daily and read to her each day from his diaries to help her to remember their love and life.

Helping Hand

A professor is being praised for his simple, yet powerful act of compassion towards a student who was struggling to juggle his education with his parenting responsibilities last month. Professor Nathan Alexander allowed his studentWayne Hayer to bring is five month old baby to class and then added  “I’ll hold her so you can take good notes!”



A Home For Winter

Montreal’s most historic hospital, closed since 2015, has been transformed into a temporary homeless shelter to ensure that no man (nor beast) will be forced to sleep in the winter cold.


It’s not what you have, it’s about what you give away.

J.K. Rowling became the first author to ever make the Forbes Billionaire list, largely in thanks to her massively successful Harry Potter empire. Rowling dropped off the list after donating an estimated $160 million in charitable donations.

"You have a moral responsibility when you've been given far more than you need, to do wise things with it and give intelligently," Rowling said.

Forest Man of India

What used to be a landscape devastated by erosion is now 1,360 acres of forest and it's all thanks to one Indian man named Jadav Payeng. Jadav planted a tree every single day for 40 years and now this man-made forest is bigger than Central Park.


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