Welcome To Maybe At Dawn

January 08, 2019

Welcome To Maybe At Dawn

Welcome to Maybe At Dawn

- A Lovechild of Morgan Printing

For years upon years there has been a shift, a gradual deviation away from slow considered communication. It seems as our lives got busier and our schedules struggled to contain all our obligations, we naturally started to do away with things that were not immediate, over in a second, ticked off our list. Phone calls became text messages; birthdays cards became voicemail messages; babies are born, friends and family pass away and in exchange we give our ‘likes’ on social media. The truest, most sincere forms of communication drifted away. The thoughts we used to mull over then write down and send to a love one stopped and nothing better arrived in its place; we didn't really save a lot of time and we lost touch.

Maybe At Dawn plans to turn the tide. We invite you to reopen the lines of communication with yourself and the ones you love. Put meaning behind moments, capture your thoughts and your admiration for others and send it out into the world, tell people you love them, write a note of gratitude, send an invitation, mark the occasion. Because although life is busy, we can't think of anything more important than taking the time and effort to communicate with people around us.

Wedding Stationery - Launch Now / Personal Stationery - Launch Soon

Here she is in all her glory, we launch with our Wedding Stationery (personal stationery to come). We give you 29 sets of wedding stationery, over 200 products with hundreds of customisable options. A wedding and more importantly a marriage, one of the most significant days of your life should be honoured. Mark the occasion by sending out beautiful considered stationery that is reflective of you as a couple but will not cost the earth.

We invite you to look around our newly created website and discover all the possibilities we have created.

This has been a labour of love. Nothing has been rushed; everything has been thought out and created with care and meaning. I would like to give a huge thanks to all the amazing people that played a role in helping me bring this dream to life. And while this may seem like an Oscars speech (ha ha) I cannot tell you how important it is to me to thank the people around me for how they make my life better, so here goes!

Arran Russell of The Folke Army - the very best designer I know. Arran took my random thoughts and pinned them down to branding that reflected the ethos of Maybe At Dawn. 

Soojee Ford of Studio Soojee - absolute superstar, dedicated, out-of-the-box thinker that doesn't settle for what is good enough now but pushed me to consider what this needed to be great in the future. Soojee created the website and so many more factors.

Morgan PrintingTeam -  These guys and ladies are my go to people, they helped me curate my designs, gave honest feedback and took this project on as their own. As with everything they do, they do it well with authenticity and humour.

My family, friends and PP group. Mum and my MIL Barb who have liked every single post I have ever posted for both Maybe At Dawn and Morgan Printing. Lauren, Jess and my sister Renae for being a second-to-none cheer squad and the most amazing best friends I could ask for. Tess Guinery, for many years ago looking me directly in the eyes and saying ‘you are creative and you need to do something about it’, the way you walk this crazy earth and how you show up as a friend is one of my greatest treasures.

Hannah and Tessa who the business is named after. They both inspire me to create with meaning but also with an abandonment to overthinking what others might make of my creations. Hannah my little lady - your utter passion and unique ability to create for those you love is why I worked through this process, never stop writing little letters to your school friends and surprising Dad and I with cards of love because every time you do you make someone's day better. Tessa Dawn  - the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise, who would have thought you would have taken your name so seriously! You were named after our most favourite time of day not only because of how it looks but mostly because of how it feels- you embody that completely and we love you for it.

Tony Masters - the love of my life, the best human being I know. There is absolutely no one else like you, you are my greatest support and I love doing life with you. Thank you for pushing me and helping me to no end to create our next business Maybe At Dawn. Nothing we do individually is ever as spectacular as when we do it together xxxx

Much Love

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