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  • In Writing uses a natural handwritten font paired with alean and minimalistic uppercase font that complements beautifully. Your names become acypher for the other elements of your stationery.Cosmopolitan yet understated, In Writing is a design that will not date.

  • To personalise your menus with your guest's names, add ‘Menu Personalistion’ to your cart.
  • In Writing Menu can be printed on:

    White or Cream 300gsm
    Both papers are constructed from 100% GMUND cotton and made in Germany. These cotton papers are soft, pillowy and feel elegant and luxurious in hand.

    Coloured Stock
    Transform the mood of these Menus with one of our coloured stocks. Twenty-three beautiful colours to choose from.

  • Customise the text area with your choice of printing techniques:

    Standard Ink
    Menus printed on White or Cream 300gsm and some Coloured papers can be printed using our eighteen Standard Inks. If you select this option we will confirm your colour choice during your consultation email.

    White Ink
    Menus printed on Coloured Stocks can be finished with White Ink. White Ink is a speciality technique, the depth of our paper is contrasted by the sharpness of a white ink. See swatches for which stocks are available with White Ink.
  • Foil
  • Menus printed on White/Cream 300gsm OR Coloured Stocks can be finished with foil. Foiling involves running foil over metal printing plates. Using heat together with pressure to adhere the foil to the paper stock. Foil printing is truly beautiful and changes as it hits different light.

Ordering Process

Browse Maybe At Dawn and decide on your design.

Place all items in the cart. Double-check to make sure you have added all the items you need, and make sure you have added envelopes. Make purchase! 

We receive your order and send you an email straight away with a link to fill in all the information we need and some helpful wording suggestions.

Complete the online form and get it back to us as soon as you can.

Once we receive all your details we will take our magic hands and get right to creating your artwork - this usually takes 3 business days.

Once complete we send you the files so you can check all the details. We offer two rounds of changes, this gives you a chance to check all the information is correct.

Once we get the go-ahead from you we put your order into production. This takes approximately 3 weeks.

Your Order arrives at your door.

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