Wedding Album - Magazine Style

  • Introducing our modern take on Wedding Albums: The Magazine-Style Wedding Album, thoughtfully designed to encapsulate every intricate detail of your special day, exceeding the capabilities of traditional albums. This innovative album format can beautifully accommodate up to 400 images, ensuring that no cherished moment is left uncelebrated.

    We carefully and skilfully arrange your photos, creating a visually stunning layout that tells the full and unique story of your wedding day. From tender glances to laughter-filled dances, every emotion and memory is preserved creating a Wedding Album heirloom.

    Printed with meticulous attention to detail by us here in Australia, this wedding album stands out with its impeccable quality and craftsmanship. Utilising paper stocks and cutting-edge printing technology, we ensure a flawless and durable keepsake that will evoke the joy of your wedding day for generations to come.

    Choose from four different font styles and the option of including special details like your vows, bridal party, music or any other special details. 

    Embrace a new era of wedding albums with our modern take on the classic format. This magazine-style wedding album redefines how we share and display the images from our wedding.

Font Styles 

Serif fonts are classic and timeless. They have small lines, or "serifs," at the ends of the main strokes, which give them a more traditional and elegant appearance.

Sans Serif fonts are modern and clean. Unlike serif fonts, they do not have the small lines, or "serifs," at the ends of the main strokes. This simplicity gives them a sleek and contemporary look.

Script fonts are elegant and flowing, resembling handwritten calligraphy. They have a beautiful cursive style with varying strokes and decorative flourishes.

Blend fonts take the best of both Serif and Sans Serif to make a unique blended font. Note that this font only uses higher case. 


We use the highest quality of paper which is is ethically sourced. It provides a  smoothness and opacity with outstanding colour reproduction making your images come to life in printed form.

Ordering Process

Once you make your Wedding Album purchase you will need to decide which 400 images you will be sending us. You will receive an email with instructions on how to share your images with us and links to provide all the extra details you would like added to you album. 

We will confirm with you when we have received all of the above and commence the process of artfully designing your album. 

You will receive an electronic copy of your album so you can ensure all the details are correct, this will also give us the chance to make any changes to the hero images etc. Once confirmed we go to print!  

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