Little Writer - Children's Writing Set

A handwritten letter is such a gift to receive and a joy to write. For children, it allows their imagination and creativity to run wild. In such a fast paced ever changing world, writing a letter and then awaiting a reply provides beautiful anticipation that modern communication does not foster. It brings about connection and can help children form strong friendships in the playground as well as with friends or family they are not near day to day.

The Maybe At Dawn kids sets includes a “how to write a letter” guide, along with both a “letter writing ideas” and a “questions to ask a friend” card - packaged in a beautiful string tie envelope, giving them all the tools they need to build their letter writing confidence.

This set includes:
  • 24 pieces of lined writing paper (6 different designs)
  • 10 Envelopes
  • 1 How to write a letter guide
  • 1 Letter writing ideas card
  • 1 Questions to ask your friend card. 
All elements of the letter writing set and packaging are recyclable, printed on eco-friendly, sustainably sourced paper by our parent company Morgan Printing.

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