Personal Stationery

Personal Stationery, cards, writing sets, journals and more. Designed with the intention to connect and inspire.

We live in a world where a text message can say Happy Birthday, I Love You or Thank You but mean almost nothing.

In days gone by these messages were once handwritten and words fell onto paper from a giddy heart. Time slowed down for a moment, every word that once bounced through your heart and your head found itself at home on paper. It was through these handwritten notes, love letters and stories that we not only connected with others, but we connected back with ourselves.

A handwritten gift holds no money value. Instead it says, “You are worth my time”. And time is the greatest gift anybody can give. Whether it’s to yourself or to someone you care about. The want to connect is a gesture that has the ability to change the world.

Record innermost thoughts, send messages of love, express special thank-yous with Maybe at Dawn's Personal Stationery. Coming soon a range of cards, journals and more in our signature colours and considered designs. Printed on quality and sustainable papers and materials.

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