Married Musing Journal - Barry + Linda

September 05, 2019

Married Musing Journal - Barry + Linda

I love a good wedding and love good people. So when good people get together and have a great wedding I like to talk about it.

Barry and Linda our one of our Maybe At Dawn Couples but more importantly they just so happen to be our friends. We met Barry and Linda many years ago when they became our neighbours, at that stage our children we very young and we spent many a summers afternoon swimming in the pool together. It was evident back then the deep and immense love they had for one another, both full of energy and lust for life - so when Barry made the smartest (and most romantic) move of his life and proposed to Linda we were over the moon for them.

Barry and Linda selected Blossomy by us for all their wedding stationery. Below is a little of their love story. 

When did you meet and when did you realised that this was ‘the one’?
We met in December, 2014. Our first date was in a cafe over breakfast and we didn’t stop talking for a minute. We enjoyed the same things, wanted to spend our time in the same places and loved the company of each other’s friends. I think we knew pretty quickly that this was really special and we would one day be toasting to forever!

 You were married earlier in the year, tell us about the day. 

Our wedding day was honestly all that we had hoped for; Simple. Elegant. With the sunset of a lifetime to top it off! We were married in the gardens of Greycliffe House in Vaucluse, with 60 of our closest friends and family, at 5 in the afternoon. 
Barry and I had stayed together the night before, and spent the morning of the wedding having breakfast and getting ready together. We were feeling pretty relaxed and a whole lot of excited to see our guests. Our musicians set the tone for a relaxed, loved-up and fun evening as they played in front of the house while guests arrived. Our Bridal Party was made up of our son Will and daughter Ella. We enjoyed a beautiful, intimate ceremony filled with laughs (and a few tears too!) and we celebrated into the night with a cocktail reception at The Nielsen. 

What did you learn whilst planning the wedding?
I think we came to appreciate the importance of letting go of the “rules” to plan a wedding that was unique to us and the vibe that we wanted our wedding day to have. We have been lots of weddings recently, and the thing we love most about those weddings is how different they all were to the other. It is such a nice era to be getting married in - one where anything goes, It truly is just about celebrating the couple. We found that planning our wedding was easy when we made decisions based on what felt right. Not what we thought should be done, or could be done, but by what we wanted done and how we felt we wanted to do it. 


Linda what is something you absolutely love about Barry? 
I love Barry’s generosity. He is kind and loving, and will do anything for those people around him. I also love his ‘love of life’! Barry never sits still. He always wants to be adventuring and planning and making the most of each day. He appreciates the small things and the beauty around us. And I love that.

Barry tell us what you admire most about Linda? 
I admire Linda’s courage, strength and unconditional support. She supports me and our children always, and she does so selflessly. I also love her passion, excitement, and sense of adventure.


Marriage is the real deal, the ultimate commitment, can you tell us what marriage means to you?

For us, marriage is about being committed to supporting each other, and our children, through all of life’s celebrations and challenges. Having lived together as a family unit before being married, we have experienced lots of the joys and hardships of “married life” already. The official ceremony and celebration of marriage for us, was about sharing our love and our commitment with our family and friends, and acknowledging the part that they play in our relationship and support of our family and lives together. 


Barry you are from Ireland, what did you family travelling from Ireland think of your beautiful Australian wedding? 
They loved it! Everything about our wedding was different from any wedding they have been to back home. Irish weddings are usually very traditional ceremonies. So an outdoor, garden wedding with a cocktail reception to follow was so unique and fun for them. 

Can you tell me a few things that were really important to you about the day? 
Being married in Nielsen Park (Shark Beach), Vaucluse was always a dream for us. We spend as much time there as we can, together, and as a family. And have made countless, beautiful memories there already. So to celebrate our life together with the people we love most, in the place we love most, was amazing! 
Having Will and Ella play the part of Best Man and Maid of Honour was special, and fun, and all that we hoped it would be. (Including the gentle chaos of Ella and her not wanting to walk down the carpet). 
As we took photos on the beach and looked up towards the restaurant, we wondered why our guests weren’t entering the reception to enjoy a cocktail before we arrived. They were all taking photos of themselves and watching what we thought was us. But as we looked over our shoulder, the most magical sunset was happening! We were truly blessed with the sunset of a lifetime. As were our guests and the restaurant staff who brought canapés and champagne out to our guests so they could enjoy the sky a little longer.  


Barry and Linda has an unplanned moment outside the restaurant at the end of the night where they were dancing together under the stars, champagne in hand and all loved up to Dancing in the Moonlight. This is marriage, the unplanned moments of complete carefree joy, simplistic by nature but the absolute foundations of a happy partnership. xx


Linda + Barry's Dream Team 

Anna Hamilton Photography

The Mountain Folk Films

Maybe At Dawn

Lauren Dredge Makeup

The Nielsen

Urban Flower

All Things Sweet by Carissa


I look forward to sharing with you the beautiful moments of more Maybe At Dawn Couples. 

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